Disc 1

"Something's Coming" - I hate musicals. I HATE THEM SO MUCH. This starts off okay, but then Jon starts singing the Generic Musical Melody, and I just lose all interest. D

"Then" (BBC session) - Neat. Sounds like a really bad edit on the intro, but the song's a lot better without those annoying strings. B

"Everydays" (BBC session) - Not bad. These BBC tracks sound like ass, but the band tears along nicely. B

Disc 2

"America" (single edit) - Yawn. I was never a big fan of this song. The single edit just cuts out the good parts. C

Disc 3

"Soon" (single edit) - I like it! It's the pretty last part of "Gates of Delirium", without the annoying middle bit. I don't know why it was released as a single, though. A

"Amazing Grace" - Chris Squire is awesome, isn't he? A if you're a bassist, B otherwise.

"Vevey, Part One" - It's a Jon/Rick harp/organ jam. Not very substantial, but better than the second part. C

"Montreux's Theme" - A short instrumental led by Steve's guitar work. Not bad, but it's obvious why this wasn't on an album. C

"Vevey, Part Two" - See above. D

"Money" - Okay, Yes does a parody of...god knows what. It's goofy, especially Rick Wakeman's voiceover, and really atypical of Yes. C

"Abilene" - Finally, a song. This one is ironically better than most of Tormato. B

"Run With the Fox" - Actually this is a Squire/White song. Supposedly it's an xmas song, but I don't get it. Oddly enough I've actually heard it on the local "classic rock" station at xmastime. Quite pleasant, though. B

"I'm Down" (live) - Heh, this is cute. B

Disc 4

"Make It Easy" - So this is what they would've sounded like without Jon Anderson. In other words, pretty much the same. Nice guitar work, though. Trevor would, of course, recycle it in concert to open "Owner of a Lonely Heart". B

"It Can Happen" - Jesus, this is better than the album version. Much better, without that annoying sitar or stupid sample from some play. It's great. A

"Changes" (live) - It works. B

"And You And I" (live) - Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. Someone slap Tony Kaye. At least try to get SOME of the notes right. The rest of the band sounds decent, at least. D

"Heart of the Sunrise" (live) - Okay, this time Tony's flailing about is actually kind of amusing. And the girls screaming "TREVOR RABIN!!!" is pretty funny. C

"Love Conquers All" - Oh no, not BILLY SHERWOOD!! AAAAAAGH!!! Actually, this song isn't bad. It's better than most of the crap on Union, anyway. B

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