updates for this month & the last (few)


4.27.04 - long time no see, huh? new bribery review: 4GIVNESS.

2.26.04 - new bribery review: Wheat.

2.10.04 - amendment to my retirement: I'll still do bribery reviews. I can't stop whoring myself out for free CDs. here's a review of Jana.

1.16.04 - okay, I think it's time we faced facts. you know it as much as I do, my reviews have gotten less and less frequent over the past few months. why? there are two reasons: first, from a financial standpoint, I've been loath to spend money on CDs ever since I got a DVD player. the wonders of owning every TV show I've ever loved (almost all of them, anyway) in crystal-clear digital video is just too much for me to resist. second, my heart's just not in it anymore. I think I've produced some pretty good -- or at least funny -- commentary in the 2 1/2 years I've run this site. but lately when I do write a review, I find it... lacking. the sparkle just isn't there. and why write when what you write is crap? I'm not sure if this is the end of Cole Reviews. I don't like unilateral decisions. but as the saying goes, don't hold your breath.

anyway, I'd like to thank the handful of people that have been loyal Cole Reviews supporters for quite a while now. Nick, Robert, Rich, Willie, Steve -- you guys are great. and if you're one of the anonymous readers that (according to the Tripod bandwidth statements) visit my site, thanks go to you as well.

until we meet again...

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